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Australia is internationally recognized for being one of the most developed countries in the world, having an enviable Welfare State with the second-highest minimum wage in the world, and more recently for being one of the countries least affected by the coronavirus.

But how recommendable is it to invest in Australia? Well, as we say in RC Migration, the data speaks for itself:

1. Australia is the only country in the world that has not stopped growing economically in more than 28 years

Incredibly, Australia holds the world record for the longest period of time without a recession. From 1991 to 2020, Australia had not stopped growing. Not even the global recession of 2008 stopped the economic growth of this country.

Only the coronavirus could stop its growth because, in 2020, the growth was only 1.4%; And although it put an end to the world record that the Austral country still holds, it came out well off what was, in most of the world, the worst economic recession in recent years.

2. Australia is the third country with the greatest economic freedom in the world

According to the Annual Report of Economic Freedom 2021 (2021 Index of Economic Freedom), Australia is the third country in the world with the greatest economic freedom, only behind Singapore and New Zealand, which are considerably smaller economies.

This means that Australia has an ideal ecosystem for doing business. Regulations are relatively flexible when it comes to importing and exporting, and regulations are flexible when it comes to exchanging currencies. In addition, accessing financial services and even the stock market is much less complicated than in most countries in the world.

Australia has, to date, 17 Free Trade Agreements with 26 countries, including Chile and Peru, and is close to closing a new treaty with the Pacific Alliance, made up of Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile.

It should be mentioned that the taxes are considerably low for new companies and a large number of incentives and government Grants for investors. If you want to know more about these government incentives for new partnerships, subscribe to our newsletter.

3. Australia has excellent human talent

Australia is not only known for kangaroos and surfing. The Australian educational system is well known internationally, and for this, it is one of the world’s top destinations for study. In fact, this industry is the second most important in the country.

8 of the 100 best Universities in the world according to the QS Ranking, are in Australia. In addition, its diversified economy coupled with its immigration system has made the country attract the best talent from around the world. So, regardless of your industry or the specialty of your business, you will surely find ideal professionals in this country.

4. Its strategic position: the Pacific represents 72% of the world economy

Asia Pacific represents 40.8% of the world economy. The American continent represents 31.2% of the total. Together, they represent 72%, $ 67,594 Billion if we add the GDP of these continents.

Australia is in the largest economic zone in the world, and its excellent relationship with both American and Asian countries makes it a world epicenter for international business.

5. Immigration facilities for investors

The Australian Government has always expressed its interest in receiving investors from around the world. For this reason, its immigration system has a scheme designed exclusively for foreign investors.

Annually, the Australian government offers more than 13,500 places for investors interested in migrating to the country. There are several considerations that you must take into account when defining your destination, how the state you want to reach and the type of investment you want to make. The good news is that the government has recently eased the conditions for potential Australian Permanent Residence applicants through this path.

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